The butterfly wing is not only a thing of beauty. The butterfly wing is nature’s great achievement in engineering. The clever adaptations of butterflies inspire scientists and engineers to invent new technologies. The butterfly effect affects all of us.

Energy Discovery Centre’s temporary exhibition “The Butterfly Effect” looks at the clever adaptions of butterflies and how the construction of their wings has influenced technological developments. What do utterfly wings and aeroplane wings have in common? Did you know that the full Latin alphabet has been spotted on butterfly wings? How can a butterfly wing appear blue if it doesn’t have any blue pigment? What do solar panels and moths’ eyes have in common?

The exhibition sets out to answer all those questions, and to offer even more interesting facts about the adaptations of both exotic and locally found butterflies. The exhibition features beautiful tropical butterflies and other arthropods from the biggest private collection in Estonia. The exhibition texts are penned by Urmas Tartes, Estonian biologist and distinguished insect photographer, who is also the author of most of the photos featured.

Collection: Allan Selin
Text & Photos: Urmas Tartes
Design: Mari Kreintaal
Technical solutions: Aare Baumer; Andre Simm (Energy Discovery Centre)
Idea and curators: Aare Baumer; Krista Keedus (Energy Discovery Centre)

The exhibition is open until 31 October 2019.